This site represents my exploration and practice of gum bichromate photographic printing over more than ten years. An early photographic process, it was first patented in the 1850s.


Today, photographers who choose to work with gum bichromate continue to evolve a process that while photographic, offers a print-making language of unparalleled versatility and richness. Gum prints can range from large, full colour prints of photographic tonality; to images that seem more akin to painting.

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Ultimately the choice lies with the individual photographer, and their personal aesthetic. It is this broad scope that fuels the richness and variety of gum bichromate printmaking...


The creation of a gum print involves the selection of an appropriate support, the preparation of the emulsion, and decisions regarding physical manipulation and the use of colour (or its absence). The broad syntax of gum printing — and its challenges — generates a rich and rewarding print-making experience.


There are two main sections to this site; an online gallery comprising a selection of my gum prints, and a 'how to' section for photographers and artists who want to make gum prints, which provides technical information on the process.


In addition to my own experience working with the gum process I have included a resources section, which provides recommendations on where to source further information on historical photographic processes - both gum bichromate and other processes.

You can also read my views on photographic print-making. I welcome your comments, questions and feedback.

The Gum Bichromate Process - Images & Resources